Primary Groups

Primary groups are those which have a formal or informal claim on the names associated with their groups or projects. They can reserve primary channels on the network. The following such groups and projects maintain official relationships with freenode. Each is listed along with the namespace(s) under which its affiliated users may be cloaked. Cloaks are special "virtual hostnames" which appear on a user's freenode session to indicate that user's affiliation with a group.

freenode attempts to verify information submitted on group contact forms and tries to minimize name conflicts, giving priority to trademark owners and peer-directed project groups. Due to the informal nature of community interactions, uncertainties may exist regarding the ownership of some names.

See Group Registration for information on establishing an official relationship with freenode by submitting contact information for your group or organization.

aalug AALUG, the Athens (Ohio USA) Area Linux Users Group.
aberlug Aberdeen Linux Users Group, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
abiertos, the Dominican Republic's largest GNU/Linux users' group.
afterstep The AfterStep window manager for X.
abiquo abiquo Enterprise open source cloud computing platform.
allegro Allegro, a freely-distributed game programming library.
americaonline, aol America Online, a division of Time Warner, Inc.
ampache Ampache, a web-based tool for maintaing music files and playlists.
android android, is an open source mobile operating system.
aolserver AOLserver, America Online's TCL-enabled, multithreaded web server project (Time Warner, Inc.).
apache, asf Apache Software Foundation, Wilmington, DE USA.
aperturadigital Fundación Apertura Digital, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, AR. A not-for-profit organization which promotes the use of free software in the governmental and private sectors in Argentina.
asterisk Asterisk,, the Open Source PBX. A project of Digium, Inc.
asturlab Asturlab,, Pravia, Asturias, ES. A youth association for computer science and technological subjects.
autopackage autopackage, a distro-neutral binary packaging framework for Linux systems.
beigetower Beige Tower, a community web infrastructure project. Avida Jaene, Inc., San Francisco, CA USA.
blender Blender Foundation, Amsterdam, NL, the not-for-profit foundation which administers the development of Blender, an open source application for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback.
brlcad BRL-CAD, a Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) based solid modeling system. U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD USA.
calvix CaLviX, Caen, FR. A not-for profit association, the GNU/Linux Users Group for Caen and Calvados, FR.
canonical, ubuntu Canonical, Ltd., Douglas, Isle of Man, UK.
cdk CDK, the Chemistry Development Kit.
cogitateurs-agitateurs Cogitateurs Agitateurs, a group for thinking and acting about free information.
colloquy Colloquy, a Mac OSX internet chat client.
cc, creativecommons Creative Commons Corporation., Cambridge, MA USA.
danga Danga Interactive, Inc., Beaverton, OR USA.
debiancenter Debian Center, a reference site for Debian and repository for unofficial Debian projects.
digium, digium.sponsor.pdpc Digium, Inc., Wilmington, DE USA.
docbook DocBook Open Repository.
dovecot Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server.
dragonflycms Dragonfly CMS, a content management system / portal application.
dspam DSPAM, statistical spam protection.
durhamlug DurhamLUG, a Linux Users' Group for the district of Durham in Ontario, CA.
efentharwireless Efenthar Wireless, a community wireless network-in-planning in New Zealand.
eicq eicq, an ICQ client for xemacs.
ember ember, an early-stage operating system project based on the MIT Exokernel design.
eogeo EOGEO, Ltd., Needham MA USA, an IRS 501(c)(03) organization chartered to provide access to geospatial data to the not-for-profit sector and the general public.
epiar Epiar, a C/SDL/OpenAL space shooter arcade game.
fedora, fedora-es The Fedora Project (Red Hat, Inc).
ferm Ferm, a firewall scripting tool (
fire fire, a multi-protocol IM client for OS X.
firefox Firefox, the award winning next-generation web-browser from Mozilla.
foo-projects, an OSS development group.
freebsd FreeBSD, the operating system
freecnc FreeCNC, an SDL-based game engine.
freedesktop The community collaboration zone.
freematrix Freematrix Radio, a streaming radio service.
freenode The freenode interactive network.
freevo Freevo, a home theatre PC platform based on Linux and open-source audio/video tools.
fsf Free Software Foundation, Boston, MA USA.
gallery Gallery, a web-based application for website photo management.
galago Galago, a framework for transmitting presence information between desktop applications.
gentoo Gentoo Foundation, Inc., NM USA, and the Gentoo Linux distribution.
geoshell Geoshell, a GPL-licensed replacement shell for Windows™, intended to replace the Explorer interface.
gfsgl GFSGL, a Windows game installer/launcher for GNU/Linux.
gnash Gnash, a GNU project to produce a free, portable and usable flash decoder.
gnokii The gnokii mobile phone tool project.
guifications Guifications, a graphical notification plugin for the gaim instant message client.
gnu, savannah The GNU Project (Free Software Foundation).
gpm GPM, general purpose mouse support for the Linux console.
growl Growl, a global notification system for Mac OS X.
hive76 Hive76 a Philadelphia hackerspace that makes things awesome, and makes awesome things.
hoodlug Fort Hood Linux Users Group (informal; Fort Hood, Texas, USA).
horde The Horde Project, a web-based application framework and associated applications.
httpcraft A support group helping people with all areas of web craft.
ignitionproject The Ignition Project, an IRC server with services.
imgames IMGames, a client-independent IM entertainment project.
interchange Interchange, an open source commerce server project.
irssi irssi, an IRC client.
kde The KDE Project and its parent organization, K Desktop Environment e.V., Tuebingen, Germany.
konversation konversation, a user-friendly IRC client (K Desktop Environment e.V.).
linuxfordummies LinuxForDummies, a Linux/Unix support site.
livejournal LiveJournal, an online journalling/blogging site (Danga Interactive, Inc).
lopsa LOPSA The League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) is a nonprofit corporation with members throughout the world. Our mission is to advance the practice of system administration; to support, recognize, educate, and encourage its practitioners; and to serve the public through education and outreach on system administration issues.
lugbari LUGBari, Bari Linux User Group, Castellana Grotte, Bari, IT.
lunar Lunar Linux, a source-based Linux distribution designed to provide tailored and optimized software for the end-user (
madwifi MADWiFi, a Linux kernel driver for Atheros-based Wireless LAN devices.
mandriva Mandriva (name change in process, currently Mandrakesoft, S.A., Paris, FR).
mepislovers Mepis Lovers, a website and forum for Mepis Linux.
metabug Metabug, Global Federation of BSD User Groups
moinmoin MoinMoin, a nice and easy WikiEngine with advanced features.
mysql MySQL AB, Uppsala, SE. The developers of the MySQL database management system, a key component of the LAMP open source application stack.
- NASA Learning Technologies, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, USA.
nectarine Nectarine Networks, a sole proprietorship providing community internet services, Sinalunga, Siena, IT.
netbsd NetBSD Foundation, New York, NY USA.
no-sources No-Sources, a Linux kernel source patch set for workstations or desktop machines.
nslu2-linux The nslu2-linux development group and user community.
nullteam Null Team ImpExp SRL, a VoIP software development and consulting company, Bucharest, RO.
nylug New York Linux Users' Group, New York, NY USA.
opendarwin OpenDarwin, a cooperative fork of Apple's Darwin OS, along with related projects.
openmoko OpenMoko, an integrated Open Source Communications Platform for GNU/Linux based mobile phones.
openrightsgroup The Open Rights Group, exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We are funded by thousands of people like you.
opensync The OpenSync project is an ongoing effort to create a synchronization framework that will be a platform independent, general purpose synchronization engine utilizing modular plugins for content formats and different kind of connection types.
objectx, an alternative to over-priced, commercially available Operating Systems, and over-complicated traditional Open-Source software.
ogo, a project to create an open source groupware server integrated with leading open source officeware projects.
osuosl OSUOSL, Oregon State University Open Source Laboratory, Corvallis, OR, USA.
p3m (aka "p3m"), a coordination project for perl-related interactive chat groups, especially those on Internet Relay Chat.
penguicon Penguicon is a combined Open Source Conference & Science Fiction Convention that takes place each Spring in South-East Michigan.
pearpc PearPC, a generalized PowerPC architecture emulator.
photogeeks, a.k.a. The Band Formerly Known As #Photography, a discussion group for photographic interests.
phpbb phpBB, a scalable and customizable open source bulletin board package.
phpgroupware phpGroupWare, a multi-user groupware suite written in PHP.
pld-linux PLD Linux, a Linux distribution for advanced users and developers.
plone The Plone Foundation, Wilmington, DE USA. Its main project is Plone, a user friendly and powerful content management system.
poipu Poipu, a cutting-edge, fully open source distribution of GNU/Linux.
princed Princed, a set of free software projects related to the Prince of Persia game. Sponsored by Fundación Apertura Digital.
pseudocode pseudocode, a web hosting community.
qgis Quantum GIS, a Geographic Information System (GIS) built for Linux/Unix.
qt Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Using Qt, you can write applications once and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. The Qt community is a loose community of developers, translators and any kind of helpful people who develop the product or other tools & frameworks around it.
redhat Red Hat, Inc., Raleigh, NC USA.
rockbox Rockbox, an open source firmware for mp3/digital audio players.
rojo Rojo Neworks, Inc., San Francisco, CA USA.
rsbac RSBAC, an access control framework for current Linux kernels which supports a variety of security models.
ruslug RUSLUG, the Rutgers University Student Linux Users Group, New Brunswick, NJ USA.
sabily Sabily is an Operating System designed for Muslims, based on Ubuntu.
sane SANE, an API providing standardized access to raster image scanners.
scummvm The ScummVM game virtual machine project.
shadowcat shadowcat Shadowcat Systems Ltd is an open source focused consultancy.
sourceforge, a provider of free hosting for Open Source software development projects.
sourcemage Source Mage, a source-based GNU/Linux distribution.
squid Squid, web proxy cache.
swig Semantic Web Interest Group (World Wide Web Consortium).
svn Subversion, a version control system designed as a compelling replacement for CVS.
suspend2 Suspend2, software suspend for the Linux kernel.
sxemacs The sxemacs project, a fork of XEmacs 21.4.16.
synecdoche Synecdoche is a fork of Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC).
systemdefender System Defender, Ltd., Clifton Bristol, UK.
teachingopensource is a neutral collaboration point for professors, institutions, communities, and companies to come together and make the teaching of Open Source a global success.
tikiwiki Tiki CMS/Groupware Project.
timewarner Time Warner, Inc., Glen Allen, VA USA.
townsville-lug Townsville Linux Users Group.
twiki TWiki Community, developers of TWiki, a mature, full featured web-based collaboration system.
twincling TWINCLING Society, Hyderabad, India. A not-for-profit organization which develops, promotes and showcases open source software.
unixboard Unixboard. a forum site for Unix and Linux users (DE).
unixmexico UNIXMEXICO, a news and forum site for Mexican and Spanish-speaking *nix users.
w3 The World Wide Web Consortium (MIT, ERCIM, Keio).
wikia Wikia, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL, USA.
wikicities WikiCities, a collection of communities with freely-editable websites (Wikia, Inc).
wikimedia Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL, USA.
wikipedia Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia (Wikimedia Foundation).
worldwind WorldWind, an application which displays satellite images for locations around the Earth (NASA Learning Technologies).
xfce Xfce, a lightweight desktop environment for unix-like operating systems (
yabtuc yaBTuc, "yet another BitTorrent upload center."
YATE YATE, "Yet Another Telephony Engine" (Null Team ImpExp SRL).
zenoss Zenoss Core is an open source IT monitoring product that monitors and manages the configuration, health and performance of networks, servers and applications through a single, integrated software package.

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