Configuring SASL for ChatZilla

This script is by Gryllida, for the ChatZilla add-on to Firefox.

  1. Install cz_sasl.js as you would any other script, following the instructions here.

  2. Enter the commands below. Replace YOUR_USERNAME with your registered nickname and YOUR_PASSWORD with your NickServ password.

    /plugin-pref cz_sasl /plugin-pref cz_sasl sasl.username YOUR_USERNAME /plugin-pref cz_sasl sasl.password YOUR_PASSWORD
  3. If you want to continue connecting when SASL authentication fails, enter: /plugin-pref cz_sasl sasl.proceed_on_fail true Or set it to false to stop connecting if SASL authentication fails.

  4. If you are setting up SASL for Tor or using a server name other than the default setting of, you will need to configure the alternative server name: /plugin-pref cz_sasl sasl.servername frxleqtzgvwkv7oz.onion

  5. If everything has been configured correctly, the next time you connect you should see the message:

    SASL authentication successful

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